Highlights from the clinic, 1/23/10

  • A group of anti-choicers, including a priest, blocked the clinic’s driveway. When I told them they had to move, the priest told me “we’ll move in a few minutes.”

    “No, you need to move now.”

    “Either push me or call the police,” replied the priest. Conveniently, the police were standing on the corner at the time, and promptly came down and told them to move.

  • The anti-choicers put a two year old child in the back of an SUV with no car seat in order to take his family to a Crisis Pregnancy Center. When I photographed the license plate of the vehicle, a woman yelled at me that she was “a famous actress” and I wasn’t allowed to photograph her car, and she was calling the police. When I said that it was illegal and dangerous to put a child in the car with no car seat, she screamed “You kill babies, so just shut up!”
  • The Famous Actress (who is apparently not merely Famous, but also versatile – she was a Queen of San Francisco’s Gay Pride, 2008!) blocked the driveway with another small group of antis. Rather than engage in a yelling match with her – she’s a very yelly woman – I asked the police to come down again and have them move. Another anti overheard me asking, ran down to tell her colleagues, and they moved before the police came. Then the Famous Actress came and yelled at me (see?) that I was “such a liar.” She wouldn’t tell me what I was supposed to have lied about.
  1. Eduardo Verastegui and Karyme Lozano spent the rest of their time chatting with the police, who showed up about 20 minutes after you left. In addition to making her big singing debut at SF ’08 Gay Pride, an acquaintance (one of her fans no less) told me Karyme appeared in a pretty saucy film called “Desnudos” not too long ago.

  2. Um, holy crap, I just googled that, and I recommend that no one else do so. I guess Jesus is okay with rape p0rn.

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