Happy Holidays?

The holiday season is well and truly upon us. Last week, one anti-choicer arrived, as he does every week, with an arrow-shaped sign reading ABORTIONIST in bright red lettering, with a drop of “blood” dripping from the text and a red skull and crossbones next to it. He stood this sign, as he does every week, on a post, where it pointed at the door of the clinic. But on this Saturday, he had arranged pointsettia flowers in a festive manner across the top! And in this way we celebrate . . . I’m not sure what, actually.

This week, we actually got carolers. Unfortunately, they were these carolers. My favorite parts of the linked “Caroling FAQ:”

Coercion! “Do not ignore the husband or boyfriend: Often he is the key to turning her around . . . explain his responsibilities as the man of the family . . . Appeal to his pride as a man.”

Deception! “Encourage her to leave the clinic . . . Invite her to a nearby restaurant for a cup of coffee where you can talk comfortably. (Once she eats she can not have an abortion that day.)”

Intimidation! “You must be aggressive: You are the last line of defense of the unborn child. Do not worry about hurting someone’s feelings . . . Remember that the people entering the abortion mill are on their way to kill their baby. They need to feel bad about that.”

Invasion! “Once you are asked to leave [the clinic waiting room], you must leave. However, it is not trespassing until you have been told to leave and refuse to do so. So once you are asked to leave, you can respond slowly and still be within the letter of the law . . . Generally, the police won’t arrive in time to see your group inside the abortion clinic, so you just need to make sure that you have been within the law (your group left the waiting room when asked to leave) and stick to your story . . .”

Yup. These people totally have women’s best interests at heart. Uh huh.

  1. Andy said:

    Does anyone read this?

  2. Andy – this was the first post, and it only went up yesterday. Stats say there are quite a few people reading, but congrats on being the first commenter!

  3. Shannon Deputy said:

    How does one leave their own blog update on this page?

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